About Us

  • Andrew Shein, President

    Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

    Andrew Shein has been a presence in the courtrooms of Tampa Bay for the past 15+ years. Because of his vast trial and courtroom experience, he is recognized by the Florida Bar as an expert and is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law.

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  • Nicole N. Sanchez

    Nicole has an extensive background in criminal trial practice and immigration law.  She is a native Spanish speaker and is passionate about safeguarding the constitutional rights of her clients and will zealously fight for justice on their behalf.

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  • Tien Tien

    Attorney / Office Administrator

    Tien is the office and social media administrator for The Law Offices of Andrew Shein, P.A. Also an attorney, Tien works behind the scenes to ensure that Andrew can focus on providing the best legal services to his clients.  She can be reached at tien@andrewshein.com.