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  • Substance abuse problem? Help is just around the corner

    Many people today are suffering from an addiction or dependency to either prescription pain pills, marijuana, or other drugs like cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, to name a few. Others are afflicted with being afflicted with the disease of alcoholism and its effects. Sadly, we all know or will know someone who is battling with these substance abuse issues. Those affected come from all socio-economic groups, all races, creeds, religions, and ages. As we have all seen, the effects of these…

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  • The ABCs of an ARREST

    First, don’t panic. I know this is far easier to say than do but it is very important that you try and stay calm, cool, and collected. As a result of being detained or arrested you will be asked by the police many important questions or told of the procedures surrounding your arrests. If you are not paying close attention and staying focused you will not understand what is happening which will make the process worse, more frightening, and…

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  • Don’t Google, call Andrew.

    If you have an issue and you don’t know where to turn, instead of asking Google, call me first.

    One of the many benefits of having been in practice for so long is that I’ve met a lot of people who do a lot of different things. Through my law practice, I’ve met a variety of professionals who have helped my clients.

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  • No two cases are the same.

    Often times a client or potential new client will compare the facts of their case with a friend’s case or a case in the news. The client will say their friend had the exact same charge and got this result and they want the same result or a better result. I always tell them, “No two cases are the same!”

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  • My Firm, My Style.

    I treat my clients the way I would want to be treated if I was arrested or accused of committing a crime. It’s why I answer my own phone at all hours of the day. There is no secretary or paralegal to take messages. It is just me.

    If my client has a question or problem, they can call and speak with me anytime. That’s what I’d expect and that’s the service I’d want from my attorney.

    Oftentimes my…

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    First and foremost, many of my clients are in fact NOT GUILTY of the crime they are alleged to have committed. This fact cannot be overstated. Just because the police have arrested a person and the State Attorney’s Office has filed formal charges, it does not mean the prosecutors are correct. Rather, it could mean – based on the “limited” evidence they have at the time – the State believes there is sufficient evidence to arrest…

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    The Basics-
    21 and over, it is legal to drink.
    Valid license, legal to drive.
    Illegal – to be IMPAIRED and driving.
    Impaired does not mean you are drunk, smashed, hammered, snockered, or sloshed. A police officer ONLY needs to have probable cause (i.e. an opinion) that your normal faculties are impaired by alcohol.

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    During the initial consultation, many clients have asked me the million dollar question, “Should I hire an attorney for this case?” My answer is almost always, “Yes, you should.” Here are my top 5 reasons why a person who is arrested should hire an attorney:

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  • Arrested Development, Part 3: Can you erase your criminal record?

    EXPUNGE is when the criminal record is destroyed. If the Court grants a Petition to Expunge, the State Attorney’s file, the arresting agency’s reports and files, the Clerk of Court’s records, and the jail records should be destroyed. Additionally, a petitioner’s photograph is removed from the jail’s internet website and all information is removed from the Clerk of Court’s website.

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  • ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, Part 2: Collateral Consequences of an Arrest

    Aside from the obvious consequence of being arrested, (i.e., going to jail) there are many other potential “hidden” consequences of an arrest. Here are a few of them:

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