Of course the goal in all criminal cases is to have the Court dismiss or the State nolle prosse (drop) the case. Andrew will explore these options and he will advocate for this resolution when appropriate. However, if the State will not drop the case, Andrew will try to convince the State to reduce the criminal DUI charge to a less serious charge of Reckless Driving. There are significant benefits to getting a DUI charge reduced to reckless driving including but not limited to lesser criminal punishments, no court ordered license suspensions, reduced court costs, and (possible) lower insurance ramifications.

Even if Andrew convinces the State to reduce the DUI charge to a lesser Reckless Driving charge, it does NOT mean you must accept the offer. Andrew will meet with you and carefully discuss your available options and what is in your best interests for both the short and long term. He will go over the State’s offer, the consequences of rejecting the offer, the likelihood of success at trial, as well as other alternatives. Ultimately, after hearing Andrew’s expert advice, YOU will make the decision on how to proceed with your case.

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