Did the officer have a valid legal reason to pull you over?

  • An officer can pull you over if you have violated a traffic law (speeding, red light, failure to maintain a single lane, careless driving, etc.)
  • An officer can make a traffic stop if the officer observing your driving pattern, has a well founded suspicion that the driver is either ill, injured, impaired, or the car is having mechanical problems. An officer must be able to articulate what factors were present that justified the stop.
  • At times, an officer can make a traffic stop based on an anonymous tip from a citizen.


Did the officer have sufficient reasonable suspicion to continue to detain the DUI suspect and ask them to perform FSEs?

This is a very fact specific argument. Andrew will have an in depth discussion with you, other witnesses, and review all the evidence – including the DUI video in order to ascertain whether law enforcement had reasonable suspicion to detain you.

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